The Mystery Meat of Cup Noodles

So like, I found that in Japan, there is a crazy popular flavor of Cup Noodle called ‘Mystery Meat Festival’ that the people over at Sora News24 have been trying to figure out exactly what this ‘Mystery Meat’ is.



Nissin, the company that produces ‘Cup Noodle’ promised in a big ol’ media blitz to dramatically reveal just what kind of “meat” the Mystery Meat actually is.


Know what that kanji says?  It says in essence that the Mystery Meat is “Meat and soy.”

Pretty anticlimactic, right?  After some shade thrown their way by SoraNews’ reporter they dropped the truth:

“It’s pork.”

Which is all well and good but there’s a question of my own I would really like answered…

“Wait… they got meat in their Cup Noodle over in Japan?”