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Learn Japanese FastEven though the most difficult part of learning Japanese may be memorizing a different alphabet, people can learn Japanese fast and easy because enthusiasm is the most important factor in learning Japanese and learning Japanese is easy when you start with the basics.

Be Enthusiastic

The most important ingredient to learning a language like Japanese is an enthusiasm to do so.  In order to gain enthusiasm for learning one must have a reason to want to learn.  This isn’t just for learning a new language but for learning anything. Some people want to learn Japanese fast so they can watch anime without subtitles, otherwise known as raw anime. Others want to learn to improve their career choices. Some just want to learn how to speak the language for the bragging rights. There are plenty of reasons to learn how to speak Japanese and it’s up to you to decide which reason suits you.

Be Committed

Closely connected to enthusiasm is commitment.  Some would say that while it’s easy to be enthusiastic about a subject, it can be hard to keep up that enthusiasm if you’re not committed to the goal.  A good way to keep your commitment to learning Japanese is to create a definite and concrete goal to do so.  The first step in committing yourself to your goal is to write it down.

It doesn’t have to be elaborate with flowery language or anything like that.  You can write it down on a post-it note, or if you have a whiteboard in your room you can write it on that.  The most important thing is to look at it every morning and commit yourself to it.

Be Focused

A good way to stay focused on learning Japanese is to spend a little time completely immersing yourself in the language.  Take a set amount of time and use it watching anime without subtitles.  Another way is to choose a specific course and stick with it.  Two good online courses are Japanese Pod 101 and Rocket Japanese.

Disclaimer: in the interest of transparency I should share that I am an affiliate for both of these courses. However, I didn't just sign up for these courses just to make money.  I have used both of them and have found them great tools to learn Japanese.  Both of them offer free trials.  For Japanese Pod 101's trial you can click here.  Rocket Japanese's trial can be found here.

Start With The Basics

In order to learn Japanese fast, it’s essential to learn how to read Japanese.  To read Japanese, you must know Japanese vocabulary.  To learn the vocabulary you must know the basic building blocks of the language, known as syllabaries.

Syllabaries are comparable to our alphabet with the main difference being that each symbol has its own sound.  For instance:


There are three syllabaries in Japanese.  They are:

  • Kanji
  • Hiragana
  • Katakana

Kanji is made up of Chinese characters and are used to denote complete words.  Hiragana is used mostly for native Japanese words such as Sayounara – さようなら(Goodbye).  Katakana is used mostly for loaned words from other languages, like Aisu Kurimu アイス区リム(Ice Cream).

To learn Japanese quickly and easily, you must be enthusiastic about your goal, keep your focus and practice the basics.  If you do this you’ll be speaking and reading Japanese in no time!

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