Is A Cowboy Bebop Live Action TV Show A Good Idea?

Cowboy Bebop

About eight or nine years ago I wrote a pretty unflattering article about a proposed live action Cowboy Bebop movie in general and about it’s proposed star, Keanu Reeves, in particular.  I wrote that I didn’t think that Keanu would make a good Spike Spiegel because he was unable to show any range more than a slacker with really good kung fu skills.  For the record, I am ashamed of what I wrote back then.  What an asshole I was.


Anyhow, it turns out that Sunrise has given permission to Tomorrow Studios and Midnight Radio to produce a live action Cowboy Bebop TV series.  If I were my old asshole self, then I’d probably rip into the very idea itself but with such shows as Daredevil from Netflix and American Gods on Starz, I think that they might be able to do a fair to middlin’ good job on what could arguably be my favorite anime ever.

I’m even open to Keanu playing Spike, especially after the great job he did in 47 Ronin, amirite?

But forget my opinion, what do you think?  Do you think the time is right for a live action version of this anime?

Source: io9