About The Otakuologist

My name is Loy Williams and for years I’ve been trying to convince myself and others that otaku were just like everybody else.  But I was wrong.  Otaku are not like everybody else.  We are different.  We are more than just people who love anime or manga.  We are what Hiroki Azuma call database animals.

Asuka Langley Soryu

Is she tsundere or is she just mean? If you were otaku you’d know

What does that mean, this database animal stuff?  To put it simply…

If you think that being an otaku means that you like DragonBall Z a lot and that’s it, then you are not an otaku, at least not in the eyes of any true otaku.  However, if you can tell me that Taiga Aisaka’s birthday is July 27, and that she’s 4′ 9″, then we can talk.

Anyway, this site is about otaku and what otaku like.  And that includes some stuff that might be considered NFSW, so explore at your own risk.  Expect to read about what you expect otaku to want to know about: anime, manga, figure collecting…  But also expect to read about what you really expect otaku to want to know: hentai, doujinshi, and who their waifu is.

And catgirls. Expect to see a lot of catgirls.

So don’t expect this to be a polite blog.  I’m a big, fat, perverted loser who idea of porn includes animation and/or Japanese dialogue.

Oh, and this blog will have affiliate marketing links.  Read more about it in the Disclosure Policy