10 Pretty Damn Good Reasons Why Otaku Should Learn Japanese

Why Should An Otaku Bother To Learn Japanese, Anyway?

Learn Japanese

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I’ve made up my mind to actually learn Japanese this time; I’ve tried(or rather, pretended to try)to learn this supposedly “difficult” language in the past.  Because of a variety of reasons such as a tendency to procrastinate, or just plain laziness, I’ve always failed in the past.

But one of my greatest qualities is my inability to just give up.   I refuse to believe that there is something out there that I can’t do, if somebody else has done it.  And besides… as I was watching Toradora the other day I realized that I could understand about 10% of what Ryuji was saying to Taiga.

Because of this I took pen to paper to determine what other benefits there were for an otaku to Learn Japanese.  The following 10 reasons are what I came up with:

1. Impress The Normies

If you really want to impress your non-anime watching friends, take them to a nice Japanese restaurant (there are some good ramen places here in San Diego), and order for them in the language.  Your friends will be impressed.


Learn Japanese

And you can get rejected by girls like this in two languages

2. Enjoy Raw Anime

Raw Anime is when you see no subtitles or hear no dubs leaving you to wonder just what the fuck people are saying in the anime you’re watching.  Learning how to understand Japanese will allow you to follow the plot.  The weirdly, beautiful plot.

Learn Japanese or live in confusion

Are you SERIOUSLY gonna just assume that’s what she said?

3. Understand Just What The Hell They’re Saying In JAV

I like porn.  Specifically, I like Japanese porn, both hentai and JAV which is short for Japanese Adult Video.  One of the best things about JAV is a nice little story at the beginning.  If you learn Japanese, you’ll know exactly what that gentleman with the long hair and ill fitting suit said to that sexy real estate agent to make her do the things she’s doing with him.

“Sigh… if only somebody would take a look at my open… house.”

4. Read Manga In The Original Language

If you think speaking Japanese is impressive, try reading it.  Japanese has 3 forms of it’s written language: Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji.  The first two are kind of an alphabet for Japanese (actually, they’re called syllabaries), and the latter depicts sounds and words as necessary.  Anybody who could read even a little of this would be very impressive.

5. Speak An “Impossible” Language

First off, lets understand this: Japanese is not “impossible” to learn, but it can be considered a little more difficult because you’ll have to learn a new form of writing in addition to a new vocabulary but it’s not “impossible.”  It could even be considered “easy” if you take it slow, learning a few phrases at a time, or even take a structured course.

6. Converse With The Natives

While learning Japanese isn’t a necessity if you plan on visiting Japan, but it certainly can’t hurt.  Although, I am told that some Japanese natives have a tendency to ignore even the best speakers if they weren’t born in the country.

7. Spice Up Your Resume

Believe it or not, potential employers look favoribly on a person who lists fluency in a second language on their resume, even if you don’t think that there will be any use for it.  Besides, you never know when you might need it.

8. Get A Grasp Of Real Otaku Culture

As mentioned before, if you learn Japanese, you’ll understand all those hard words you hear on your favorite anime (and JAV’s), which will help you understand why otaku do the things they do, and why they look the way they do.

…and how can they afford so much… stuff?

9. Gain Confidence In Other Abilities

Learning Japanese, or any other language for that matter can be a real confidence booster.  Just imagine.  You’ve taken time and energy to gain mastery in an admittedly difficult language.  Who’s gonna stop you from doing anything else you put your mind to?

10. It May Lead To Learning Other Languages

A polyglot is someone who learns multiple language as a hobby.  Who knows?  Once you learn Japanese, who’s to stop you from learning Korean, or Mandarin, or Russian?  Maybe I’ve inspired you take up a new avocation?

You’ve just learned 10 pretty damn good reasons to learn Japanese.  If you are looking for a good program to start learning with, did you know that you can Learn Japanese online with Rocket Japanese?