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When Thor Met Flash Gordon

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Most of us have our own reasons to learn a language different from the one we were raised with but for otaku the reason is usually quite simple: we want to know what’s really being said on the anime we love so much.  Oh sure, on a broader sense we […]

7 Websites That Will Have You Ignoring Anime Subtitles In ...

Fidget Spinning
If you haven’t seen this yet, you need to.  Imagine… just imagine if there was competitive fidget spinning.  Now imagine that someone had created a shonen anime based on fidget spinning.  Now imagine that the fidget spinning anime was live action and chock full of the tropes that made anime like Pokémon and […]

THIS Is The Fidget Spinning Anime We All Need

American Maid Cafes
  The Appeal of Maid Cafes in the United States. You know, there’s something about the idea of Japanese Maid Cafés that’s exciting. Cute girls, dressed in what could only be considered Lolita maid outfits being… well, being nice to me.  And for a socially inept otaku like me, that […]

The Problem With Maid Cafes In The United States

Learn Japanese Quickly and Easily
Learn Japanese Quickly and Easily It’s not impossible to learn Japanese quickly. In the first place, excitement, being committed to a task, and even the slightest bit of focus can go far. Secondly, once you know the basics of Japanese, you might find it quite easy to learn. Japanese uses […]

Learn Japanese Quickly and Easily